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The John Terry dossier: Arsenal desperate to face Chelsea captain

OMG! It’s John Terry

Ahead of our crucial match against Chelsea tomorrow, I suppose there’s no news as unavoidable as John Terry’s suspension for making racist comments to Anton Ferdinand.

I’m not one who’s going to go on about Terry being a racist (though I don’t write it off). The UK courts settled that he ‘was not’ a racist, and I can live with that. I can also live with the fact that OJ Simpson didn’t murder his wife and that Joh Bjelke-Petersen wasn’t a crook. But even putting the whole Anton Ferdinand debacle aside, there are plenty of reasons to goad the Chelsea captain on Saturday.

For starters, he’s of despicable character, regardless of what Theo Walcott says. Just ask Wayne Bridge in one of the immortal handshaking snubs. He even wears shin pads underneath his suit. He’s quick to whip said suit off for photo ops when his team-mates win him a Champions League. A trophy he was so determined to spoil by getting suspended for making stupid tackles.

Then of course, there’s the crap he does on the pitch. Arsenal are subject to the ‘same old Arsenal, always cheating’ chants in almost every match, even for fouls that break our players’ legs and ankles. So it’s only natural for the bitter, twisted brat inside of me to point out the odd occasion when it happens from the other side of the fence. Continue reading

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