Good day to you. Take a seat, get comfortable. There’s a lot going on here.

Jimmy Gooner is a site by a bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived Arsenal fan of questionable sanity, who has spent years getting up at sparrows’ hours to watch the Gunners.

I’ve become so wrapped in the routine that on my solitary pilgrimage to the Emirates, it struck me how weird it was to be enjoying live football at a sociable, normal hour.

More than half of the football-watching world experiences the English Premier League in much the same way, and with Arsenal FC’s growing appreciation for its foreign supporters, our voice is becoming more and more prominent.

Yes, our collection of Arsenal shirts may only span from 2003 onwards. Yes, some of us praise God for the most inconsequential of Arsenal-related happenings a bit more than the more cynical, secular Brits. But we’re all in this together for the long haul and, with any luck, our TV subscriptions and Arsenal baseball caps may just put enough in the coffers to fund that long-awaited purchase of Lionel Messi’s second cousin’s ex-wife’s brother.


Enjoy a good transfer rumour? You have a friend in me. Love match reports? I heart them more. Jimmy Gooner will provide the latest and greatest in all of the above, but mostly it hopes to give you the grander narrative of Arsenal FC – where the club is going, how the season looks to be panning out, and how the fans are reacting to it.

That’s right, fans. Fanatics. Supporters. There are differences between the two, but Jimmy Gooner welcomes both. One set demands success on the premise that Arsenal FC is a ‘big club’ and so should be up there with the title-chasers and cup guzzlers. The others support the club ‘through thick and thin’, regardless of manager, players or league position.

Jimmy Gooner believes that in so many ways, Arsenal ‘fans/fanatics’ and ‘supporters’ are one in the same. We want what’s best for Arsenal because we love Arsenal. Love is many a splendid thing and it’s expressed in many a different way.

So if you’re here to vent your spleen, please do so. But do it with respect of your fellow Gooner. We all think different, we all speak different, and we all came into the fellowship of Gooner fandom at different times and for different reasons.



Rumours abound that the founder and author of Jimmy Gooner, the one known as ‘Jammathon’, is a card-dealing fraud who once ran another website known as ‘Third-Gen’. Jammathon wishes to advise that this is slander and misrepresentation of the highest, most despicable order. To be associated with a website that flaunted the laws of common decency and Keynesian economics is defamatory to the extreme.

In all seriousness, yes, Jimmy Gooner is effectively the resurrection of Third-Gen. Third-Gen’s official site is now little more than an online poker advert, reduced to radioactive rubble by the H-bomb of contract expiration. (the very old ruins of the original site can be found here).

Jammathon (real name ‘James’, hence ‘Jimmy Gooner’) is a man of many talents. He enjoys a good tinkle on the piano. He enjoys red wine, cider and James Boag’s Premium Lager. He’s a more-than-capable photographer.

By day (or night, thanks to shift work), Jammathon works in the media. By night (or day, shift work again), he’ll probably be found meditating on ancient Zoroastrian scriptures, or building a cat out of Lego.

But no more.

Jammathon is a changed man. Jammathon is focused, his senses primed, his fingers at the ready. The keyboard sits, poised, ready to receive the click-clack-clackiness of rampant typing and considered thought for the online world.

Jammathon is Blog. Jammathon has become Jimmy Gooner.

But you can still call him Jammathon. Or Jimmy. Or James.

Just not ‘Jimmy James’. My mother calls me that. She’s a sweet, caring woman and deserves the exclusive use of ‘Jimmy James’. So back the hell off.


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  1. […] the season proper I’ll be doing my player ratings like I did in my Third-Gen days but there’s no real point in analysing this match more than I have. Some might fret about […]

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