Does Theo still think he’s worth £100K a week?

Theo Walcott’s demands for a £100,000-a-week contract is seriously sticking somewhere awful in my head. I don’t know what his agent is telling him, but in the vain hope he’s looking around the bottom of the barrel of Arsenal blogs (he isn’t), I’d hope some of these home truths become apparent to him.

  1. Theo is not deserving to be Arsenal’s highest-earning player
  2. The team is not reliant on him and thus he should accept a salary more in line with reality
  3. The rumoured £70,000-a-week offer is hardly ‘peanuts’, unless he’s been talking to Ashley Cole
  4. A season spent on the bench won’t get you that move to Chelsea. Liverpool might be a different matter.
  5. His competition for a spot on the Arsenal flank is exceeding him. One is a player who has recovered from the same sort of criticism Theo received (Gervinho), the other is a street smart kid who earns less than him (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain).

Player profile: Theo Walcott

Even within the England squad, Theo has yet to surpass his competition. While age had the beating of David Beckham and mediocrity proved too much for David Bentley, Walcott now finds himself behind the likes of Ashley Young and Oxlade-Chamberlain. Both have pace to burn, but possess greater improvisational skills and acumen than Theo. Young too has a much better sense of where the goal is; a talent Walcott could have possessed with a bit more confidence. Meanwhile Oxlade-Chamberlain comes close to matching Theo’s pace, while adding the brains of a central midfielder.

England is worth a mention because so often, players with international caps compare what they earn to teams from other clubs. Player power has seen a higher mobility of once ‘loyal’ players and big end transfers that in previous years were never thought possible.

Yet while Theo will think he should earn X amount per week because Ashley Young earns Y, he is surely not seeing the bigger picture when it comes to his place in the pecking order, both nationally and at Arsenal.

He is no longer first choice in his position in either set-up. A player who earns far, far less than he, Oxlade-Chamberlain, is improving in leaps and bounds and is currently first choice right midfielder for England. For Arsenal, it’s a toss-up between the 19-year-old and the ever improving Gervinho. Walcott is a sorry third-choice in that regard.

Yet here is a player that is demanding to be Arsenal’s highest paid player when he clearly has next to no influence in the side.

How well have Arsenal been playing without the need for his one dimensional pace? Walcott’s stalled development has seen Sunderland defenders figure out how to stop him, whereas both Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain adapt their games to try and outfox, rather than outsprint, their marker.

A team that is governed by the smarts of Mikel Arteta and the flair of Santi Cazorla has meant Theo has been but a footnote in this season.

I actually feel sorry for the man, given how badly informed he is, thanks to a money-grabbing agent. Is it even possible that Theo, usually so level headed and mild mannered, could be personally willing to sign on the dotted line, only to be thwarted by his ‘representative’ who will demand a slice of a bigger pie?

Arsene Wenger is playing a wily game with Theo’s demands. He’s been shown he is far from the top dog at Arsenal, and after the disruption that was a certain Dutchman and Cameroonian, the manager looks like he’s had enough of pandering to ungrateful players.

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8 thoughts on “Does Theo still think he’s worth £100K a week?

  1. Exactly. The longer the side remains at or near the top of the table this season with Theo not influencing said position, the less likely Arsenal are to budge on their number. And the Club is now in a position that selling Theo won’t cause such a stir as it might have previously. I don’t doubt Theo’s willingness to stay, nor Arsene & the Club’s wishes for him to remain. But the advice, as you mentioned, has been abysmal.

    Oh, and don’t be so hard on yourself James. Arsenal Action are clearly the “bottom of the barrel” when it comes to Arsenal blogs. heh 😉

  2. Patrickfoo08 says:

    So arsenal wont pay the wage so he will leave ah sick of this cheapskate team who pay for worldclass player or even pay higher wages mr ass keep on saying the uefa fair play is coming so all the big team will be doomed but think if the uefa want them to sell their best player to ease their debt ah think the big club will say let form our own league who give a damn abt uefa let keep the profit to ourself so maybe arsenal can win the league without man utd man city or chelsea in the league hahaha

  3. Patrickfoo08 says:

    Sagna is leaving too maybe when jake wilshere able to shake off his injuries barcelona want to sign him so bye bye arsenal so two selling to look forward next season or even santi cazolra too if some big team want him he is too big for this team ok

  4. Rodger says:

    players come, players go. same with walcott, i don’t think he is worthy 100k/week.

  5. Phanuel says:

    What jab in the brain of our beloved Winger! I think what AW is trying to do to TW is what every good father does;showing him that his demands are premature, he is nonetheless in safe hands but then (carrot and stick) rule applies to every beloved but big headed son.I think Wenger is a master manager/coach.We love him here in Kenya.In Arsene we trust.

  6. UDEHSAM says:

    I WISH AW had done this with rvp, nasri and even Fabregas..

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